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Affiliates Orbex Programs are designed to accommodate different types of affiliates. Currency traders who trade in spot Forex have the option to be taxed under the same tax rules as regular commodities (IRC (IRS Code) Section 1256 contracts) or under the special rules of IRC Section 988 (Treatment of Certain FX Currency Transactions).

A situation where we have one zone opening for business in a day (Tokyo and Sydney- Asian session), followed by the London session (European market) and finally the New York session, gives an almost continuous state of forex trading activity over a 24-hour period, commencing on Sunday 9pm GMT and ending on Friday 9pm GMT.

For that reason it is probably not wise when opening a spread betting account to put your job description down as ‘day trader’ or ‘trader’ as it would then be rather difficult to claim at a later date that trading was not your main income if the Inland Revenue was to query where you made your money!!!

Whether you have a low risk tolerance, a high risk tolerance, like to trade shares, forex, options or futures, like to go long or short, for the short term or long term, daytrade, swing trade, channel trade, with Trading Reviews there is a product ideally suited to you.

If certain foreign futures or forward commodity contracts are held for longer than six months, such contracts could be taxed wholly as long-term capital gain and benefit from the reduced tax rates on such gains.” Hartnett also notes that foreign futures contracts are generally not marked-to-market for tax purposes at year end.

It is always important to trade with a forex broker that has accurate market prices because this is where your decision will be largely based on. The good news is that the several tests that I have done with their platform showed no signs of delays or manipulation with their quotes and the same price is shown for both pre and post deals.

When it comes to computerized trading software, this is hands-down as powerful, proven and profitable as anything you’ll find available on the commercial market – nothing else money can buy comes close to what this is capable of – Forex Diamond can very easily make you money completely hands free for years to come – without putting your account at risk in the process.

You continue to show your professionalism through your quick response times to my emails and I have enjoyed comparing my weakness and strength against your which are now almost identical which has given me great confidence in moving forward with a live trading account.