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Forex is said to be tradable 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, however it is not always possible. Because trading by individuals and investment funds (who are sensitive to the rate differentials between ordinary income and capital gains) has only intensified in recent years, it appears that this area has largely been ignored by tax advisors and taxpayers alike.

Instead of taking the mindset of the small account holder, before entering each trade the trader should be thinking as if” they have a much larger account and how they would trade not if they had a small account, but if they were trading with a large account.

It is simply too hard to go into detail about all the Forex books that can help you on your journey to be a successful Forex trader, so addition to our top seven listed above – below you will find the best of the rest of the top rated Forex books available online.

Ashraf Laidi brings a wealth of front line trading experience to the table he is the Chief Global Strategist at City Index / FX Solutions, he has also held positions as an FX analyst at MG Financial Group and analyst at the united nations, monitoring multi-currency global bond and equity portfolios.

Hedging simply means that once you have placed any type of Forex Options trade you then place one or a series of additional trades to eradicate the possibility of you losing out financially when the in place original trade is looking like a losing one.

When trying to take advantage of forex or currency trading for dummies, you should know that the currency of a specific country has value and the process of cashing in during its rise and fall is what is legally referred to as foreign exchange or forex.