Online Marketing Plans Mistakes and How You Can Easily Avoid Them

Online Marketing is a major pillar of most modern businesses, and yet many business people struggle to make real growth and real cash online.Online Marketing Plans Mistakes and How You Can Easily Avoid Them

The advance in internet technology in the last 20 years has made online business even easier and more and more coaches, trainers and consultants are using online technology to reach a wider audience. Many of them though fall victim to mistakes that can kill their business.

The article focuses on the mistakes and more importantly what you can do to ensure you achieve the success that you want and deserve.

1: List Building – Deal with the inappropriate end of the problem.

List building is a vital part of your business; the big mistake is focusing totally on list building as an end, rather than the means to an end. The result is a disengaged, unresponsive list community where your prospects stay as prospects.

What to do instead – Focus in the outcome that both you and your clients need. E.g. the e-book or the free training that solves your clients’ needs.

2: Launching an online business model or program without a plan.

One of the most overused quotes is “If you don’t know where you going you won’t know when you get there” however it is true.

What to do instead – create a simple plan of what you are launching and when.

3: Launching online without a business process.

Big businesses have processes for customer management, orders, recruitment so why shouldn’t you? Most Coaches launch their programs online without a clear process to get their prospects through their system and convert them into paying clients.

What to do instead – develop your customer engagement process to convert your prospects into clients.

4: Having a Negative Mind-Set.

Advice about having a positive mental attitude or thinking positively is great except that just thinking positive thoughts won’t actually change your results. To do that you have to take action, however, your belief system plays a pivotal part in the achievement or your dreams, goals, and ambitions.

What to do instead – Take action, get help and eliminate your self-limiting beliefs and self-limiting decisions.

5; Leaving customer engagement to chance.

Customer engagement starts with customer research about what your list community’s’ needs are and continues with a plan of engagement. All too many coaches focus on what they can offer rather their customer’s needs, resulting in an inactive, cold list community and few sales.

What to do instead – research your list community’s needs and create solutions to meet those needs.

6; Living in Fear.

Fear represents itself in many ways and by far the biggest is the fear of change. Many coaches are confused about the technology needed to support online business, resulting in a fear of technology. Fear can also manifest itself in the fear of the Future, the past and the unknown.

What to do instead – Fear is a symptom of focusing on your own needs so turn your attention to your community’s needs and remove the fear factor.

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