The 10 Best Forex Strategies

Currency Trading Strategies

Forex is a decentralized market that operates through financial centers around the world. For example, for a highly liquid stock, matching a certain percentage of the overall orders of stock (called volume inline algorithms) is usually a good strategy, but for a highly illiquid stock, algorithms try to match every order that has a favorable price (called liquidity-seeking algorithms).

Ministry of Finance has published a new circular in Feb 2016 which states that the trader if chooses so, can declare in the income tax returns all the profits arising from selling the shares whether they are from day trading, short term trading or long term trading as Business income.

I’ve been really impressed on your signal providing these past couple of weeks… If possible could you please let me know when my beginner 1 month trial has expired and I will sign up for the VIP package… Keep up the good work , you can’t always be right but you are almost 70% of time.

I purchased education from Online Trading Academy a few years ago after trying a few other… I purchased education from Online Trading Academy a few years ago after trying a few other well-known programs for Stock Market trading over the past 2 decades.

Sometimes you can purchase CDs containing the software or have it sent via an e-mail attachment, but most often a download link will be provided once you pay for or give the required information necessary for the forex trading software provider to permit you to download the software.

Slightly lower down on the list because it’s not technically ‘for Mac’ as it is a web trading platform, but it would be a crime to not mention MahiFX because it has a lot going for it. They offer no minimum deposit, no commission and their trading platform interface is very nicely designed.

I did not make money that day (largely ended flat on the day), but my goal when I started was not to make money on these days as I am personally not interested in being a Day Trader – but my goal was to have an account that is growing at a decent rate whether the market is going UP, DOWN or SIDEWAYS – AND to avoid having an equity curve that follows the down moves in the market and my trading plan did that just the way I hoped.