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Forex remains open 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday but not all sessions are created equal. Profits arising out from selling a stock after holding it for 12 months will be treated as a long term capital gain (LTCG) which as per the section 10 (38) of the income tax act is exempt from tax (provided such a transaction is done through a recognized stock exchange for which Security transaction tax (STT) is paid).

Trading like any business is subject to geometric growth if managed properly – but only the trading allows to completely control this growth and its speed – with no customers and competitors and other external forces like government regulations affecting your money making ability and the speed of your account growth.

There will invariably be a range of factors that determine when you choose to trade from the currencies or instruments you want to trade, to the time you can dedicate to trading – for example, some people use a mobile device to stay on top of the market all the time whereas others are only able to access their trading terminal in evenings and weekends.

The advantages of forex trading include the ability to trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, the ability to sell a currency pair just as easily as you can buy it so you can trade in up and/or down markets, there are far fewer currency pairs to trade than stocks so your trading can be much more focused, and you can get international exposure.

By combining what we believe to be the industry’s best forex trading platforms with our client-centric business model, we offer our traders the opportunity to benefit from rapid execution and professional trading conditions in an environment of fairness and transparency.

Trading features also include characteristics such as beneficial spreads, a high payout ratio, availability of all trading assets such as stocks, foreign currency pairs, indices and commodities, as well as educational materials or modern approaches to this fast and secure activity.

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